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Due to Governor Inslee's statewide shutdown, we will unfortunately be closing our doors between now and 4/30/2020. 


At the very least, We will be posting daily home WODs for you. Some of you have the SugarWOD app, which is free to join and will be a great way to keep our community strong over these next two weeks.


If you're interested in borrowing a kettle bell, dumbbell or slam ball, please contact Bri! You can text her. 


Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this devastating illness.


Warm up:
1:00 1/2 Saddle Stretch
1:00 Puppy Dog

3 Rounds Not For Time:
:30 Plank hold
6 Pike to Plank + Push up
6 Lunge + Reach
:30 Squat Hold + 5 Squats

3 Rounds For Time:
400m Jog
18 Push Press
18 FR Lunge
18 FR Squat

*Use a barbell, DB's, or KB for these movements. 

*Pick a weight you can do with minimal breaks and rest

*If you're using 1 DB or KB, do 9 PP on your right, then 9 PP on your left 
No Equipment
3 Rounds For Time:

400m Jog
18 Pike Push ups
18 Jumping Lunge
18 Jumping Squat
Kid WOD:
3 Rounds:

400m Run
12 Push ups
12 Lunges
12 Squat

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