LEO, Ridgefield WA

Craig Wattson

In the fall of 2017, I decided to make some major changes to my health and wellness routine. I wasn’t eating well and my exercise program was virtually non-existent. I had considered joining a traditional gym but wanted something new and different – something that offered a well-balanced approach to strength and cardio training. I finally elected to join the East Ridgefield CrossFit gym, with my daughter, on the recommendations of several coworkers. Right away my daughter and I were hooked. The owners/coaches were fantastic and they guided us every step of the way. Since my initial signup, I have shed many pounds, gained strength, improved my cardio, and even competed in a CrossFit competition. I continue to make gains in all areas and really enjoy attending classes on a weekly basis. All of the coaches are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming, yet tough at the same time. Beginning students are taught and guided through each lifting technique and CrossFit movement and their CrossFit “foundation” is established in no time. The WODs (Workout Of the Day) will test your endurance, strength, and physical capabilities and put you back on track to a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, however, ERCF is so much more than just a fitness training gym. ERCF is a place where honesty, integrity, and self-accountability are infused into every aspect of their daily routines and clients can expect to gain so much more than just fitness training.  The TEAM atmosphere is amazing and everyone at ERCF is treated like family.  Yes, CrossFit is tough and grueling. But, if you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally, make new friends, and be part of a great fitness team, ERCF is the place to go. Hands down, ERCF is the best CrossFit box in Clark County!



Kelly Espana

The only time i had ever picked up a barbell was in the 10th grade in a (forced) weight class. I did just enough to not get yelled at. I spent my adolescent years never having to worry about weight or exercising. in my 20's, I got married, had kids, and gained 55 pounds. I joined a gym- didn't last. I did some running for a short stint. It was same thing with the cardio dance classes. I couldn't find something that I actually liked doing. So I did nothing. 

I was about to turn 32 and really feeling like I neededto make my health a priority. I decided to walk into East Ridgefield CrossFit on their opening day and give this type of fitness a try. I was terrified, intimidated and super nervous. I quickly came to realize those feelings were unnecessary. Since day one, I have always had support, encouragement, positivity and world class coaching everytime I walk through those doors. The physical, emotional, and mental gains/progress are extraordinary. I've done movements like Handstand Push-Up's that I never would have believed possible before. I have to start my day with my CrossFit family. It sets the rest of the day up right. Every workout leaves me wanting more. That's why I keep showing up 2+ years later. I found something I truly love and enjoy doing. Not to mention, the extra weight from my 20's is gone and I'm the strongest I've ever been in my life!

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April Speidel

Most of my adult life I have been over weight! I am a mom of 4 children and with each pregnancy I’ve held on to most of the weight I’ve gained, 60 lbs!  So from being 100 pounds soaking wet, that is a big change for me. I was sad most of the time and I would hide myself in bigger clothes or for pictures, behind my children.  I knew I needed to fix something within myself and I needed to change. 


I remember when we saw that CrossFit was coming soon to Ridgefield.  My husband would ask me if I had gone to check it out yet. We had done a foundation class before at a different gym but I had never signed up. I was so terrified of walking in to an actual scheduled class. I had every excuse aside from some health issues after my last pregnancy to not go in. It took over a year for me to walk in those doors at East Ridgefield Crossfit and I even brought my teenage son with me because I was so nervous.  


Since becoming a member the changes I have seen and felt have been out of this world! I am completely off medication for hypertension, I am keeping up with my kids and just all around a happier person!  I stopped trying to compare myself to other who where smaller or thinner than me. My body can look different from any other person’s because it is my healthy body and that’s ok. The training and support from Bri, other coaches and just the people you workout with helped me realize this.  I used to want to be what the BMI chart tells me I should be. I now have a better understanding of nutrition and how important it is to overall fitness. No more quick diets and fast shortcuts to losing weight just to gain it all back. They push me through a workout when I feel I won’t make it. If there is a movement I can’t do, there is always a modification. I have never felt judged by anyone, only encouraged and supported.  My only regret is not walking in those doors when they first opened.


Through CrossFit, I am learning to focus on what my body can do instead of how thin I can become. I am strong and capable but most importantly love my body. I have ERCF to thank for that! For all these reasons, I would HIGHLY recommend East Ridgefield CrossFit to anyone.  My biggest regret is not walking in those doors sooner, don’t wait!


LEO, Ridgefield WA

Jason Ferriss

I had always been a gym rat (bi’s & tri’s, chest & back, etc) with a decent ROUTINE that I felt worked pretty good. A couple of years ago I heard about a new CrossFit “gym” coming to Ridgefield and figured I might give it a try. That was the best choice I ever made. There is nothing ROUTINE about East Ridgefield CrossFit, which is why it has been so effective. The constantly varied functional movements have created a new me.


I have been transformed from aesthetically pleasing muscularity to total body fitness. My body can move faster and more efficiently, my cardio is 1000% better, and I have learned how to push myself beyond what I thought possible.


Not only is East Ridgefield CrossFit a great place to improve your fitness, it is a family. The atmosphere is always welcoming, and we have fun no matter how hard the workout seems. ERCF has changed my life in the best possible way!”


District Performace Operations Manager

Ellen Zavalney

East Ridgefield CrossFit has the best atmosphere and continues to exceed my expectations in cleanliness, coaching and new equipment. ERCF is unmatched in the relentless dedication to help members grow unleashing people's capabilities they never knew were possible. With the support of the coaches and members, East Ridgefield CrossFit has given me the physical and emotional support needed to reach and exceed personal fitness goals, some I never knew would be possible.