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Warm Up: 1:00 Twisted Cross, per side 1:00 Seated straddle 3 Rounds: 20 Flutter Kicks 20 Hollow Rocks 400m Jog 9:00 AMRAP 30-20-10 Alternating DB Hang Clean and Jerk Butterfly Sit ups 30-20-10 Alternating DB Hang Snatch Butterfly Sit ups No Equipment 9:00 AMRAP 30-20-10 Mtn Climbers- Touching Arms each rep Butterfly Sit ups 30-20-10 Plank Up Down's Butterfly Sit ups * Must switch DB under face level

Kids WOD

9:00 AMRAP


Mtn Climbers

Sit ups

Plank Ups Downs

Sit ups

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