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Warm Up:

1:00 Seated Straddle 3 Rounds 10 Pike to Plank 10 Push ups 5 Burpees 4x 3:00 AMRAP 6 Deadlifts 6 Burpees over your bar 6 HSPU 1:00 Rest * Start where you left off * Deadlift should be moderate to heavy, 185/155# * If you do not have a barbell, use 2x DB or KB if you have i.. if not 1 works fine! * Lateral burpees over your bar * HSPU Scale to stink bugs, elevate your feet if you need it more challenging! No Equipment 4x 3:00 AMRAP 6 Pistols 6 Burpees + 6" Jump 6 Stink bugs/ Push ups 1:00 Rest * Pistols scaling for DL, you can use assistance with squtting to a loq chair/ box/ step to help you stand back up * Jump a full 6" vertical jump in place of jumping over your bar/ DB/ KB * If no stink bugs or PU, switch to Hand Relese Push ups! Kid WOD 3x 4:00 AMRAP 6 Squats 6 Burpees 6 Push ups 1:00 Rest

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