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Warm Up: 2:00 Seated Straddle 1:00 Couch Stretch per side 2 Rounds NFT 20 Tempo Squats, :03 Down, Quick Rise 10 Burpees 20 Plank Shoulder Taps, no hip shifting HOME WOD!!

4 Rounds For Time: 1:00 Wall Sit 1:00 Bike, Row or Shuttle Run 1:00 Mtn Climbers 1:00 Rest Rest 3:00-5:00 after you're finished with your WOD and then begin your accessory work! Accessory work: 2 Rounds 30 Flutter Kicks 30 Hollow Rocks 15 V-ups/ Tuck ups * Wall Sit- knees at 90 degree, keeping your hands off your knees and back against the wall

-- More difficult wall sit? Add weight if you have it, in your FR position! * No equipment?- Do 20ft shuttle runs, which will keep you next to your clock so that you can see when the minute is up! * Mtn Climbers- we want you moving the entire 1:00, stay steady and don't go out too hot! * Flutter Kicks- More difficult= Stay in hollow position, head and shoulders off ground Less difficult= Allow head to rest on ground, hands can go tuck under your booty * Hollow Rocks- Scale to Hollow hold for :40 * V-ups- Scale to tuck ups

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