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Warm Up: 1:00 1/2 Saddle Stretch per side

2:00 Puppy Dog 2 Rounds: 100m Jog 25ft Bunny Hop 20 Jumping Jacks 10 Burpees Then, 2 Rounds Not For Time: 6 Squats 6 Push ups 6 High Knees 6 Lateral Hops Home WOD!!! Tabata 16:00 Total :20 work, :10 Off Air Squats x8 Push ups x8 High Knees x8 Jump Rope x8 * Complete a full Tabata ( 8x :20 on, :10 off) before moving on to the next movement (Easy Apps to download for a Tabata Clock) * Total combined time will be 16:00 - Make Squats more difficult by adding weight or doing jumping squats - No Jump Rope? Scale to lateral hops, or jump over an object.. DB, Broom, Towel.. etc

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