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Warm up: 10 p/ side per direction Ankle, Knee, Hip & Shoulder Circles 1:00 Dragon per side 10 Pike to plank 20 High Knee 20 Jumping Jacks 20 Jumping Squats For Time: 50 Goblet Squats/ Air Squats 60 DU/ Lateral Hops/ 120 Single Unders 50 Slam Balls/ Burpees 60 Dips 100 Walking Lunges 800m Run

- No equipment, but want harder squats? Switch to Jumping Squats

- If you have a Slam Ball, use it; if not, do regular Burpees

- Dips- off a chair, bench, or boxes! Anything you can!

- 800m Run, not sure on distance? Should be about 3:45- 4:30 of running!

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